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Dr. Elizabeth Fagan, SLP.D
Speech-Language Pathologist

Dr. Elizabeth Fagan and Brain Waves Learning are not taking new referrals while both ease into retirement.

Reading • Language • Central Auditory Processing • Memory • Attention • Sequencing • Comprehension • Executive Function • Cognitive Testing

Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord ® is an evidence-based digital intervention program designed to directly target the root causes of language and reading difficulty and produce fast learning gains. Learn More >>

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CAPDOTS™ is an on-line auditory training system for the treatment of Central Auditory Processing Disorders. It provides evidence-based, deficit-specific intervention using current audiological neuroscience. Learn More >>


Reading Assistant Plus.

Reading Assistant Plus is a guided oral reading instruction program that uses speech recognition technology to listen to your child as he/she reads aloud, building overall reading proficiency, fluency, and comprehension — without any frustration! Learn More >>

Reading Assistant Plus

Cognitive Function.

Whether you’re recovering from a neurological condition, or seeking optimal brain health and wellness, it all starts with an engaging and scientifically-validated cognitive assessment. Learn More >>

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